Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick tip: Stir sticks

Today's quick tip comes from the Riverwood Church Community. This church is famous for having a coffee break in the middle. 
Yeah, these guys love their coffee!

Fettuccine noodles, broken to the length desired, make excellent stir sticks.
Check out this picture I took of their coffee display.

Those are normal, plastic, stir sticks on the right and the fettuccine stir sticks more to the middle. I thought the noodle would soften in the coffee but it didn't. It takes more than a little stir to cook noodles. Aside from the obvious cost difference with noodles Vs plastic it was also pointed out to me that noodles are biodegradable so it would be help with all of our carbon footprints.

Thank you Riverwood!

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