Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KY Cloud 10 sample (not for the kiddies!)

KY, a company that makes personal lubricants has created a tropical arousal gel. Sorry is this is a little personal for some people but I know some ladies out there might want to try this.

From the official website:
What is K-Y® INTENSE Arousal Gel for Her? K-Y® INTENSE Arousal Gel for Her is your ticket to CLOUD 10™. It is not a lubricant, but a uniquely formulated arousal gel that has women saying "it makes sex more satisfying". 75% of women who used K-Y® INTENSE Arousal Gel experienced feelings of heightened arousal, sexual pleasure and sensitivity where it counts most. Of those women, 90% reported that K-Y® INTENSEArousal Gel bettered their overall intimate experience with their partner.

They are offering a free sample from their official website HERE

Hope I didn't offend anyone. :)

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