Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coffee and hot cocoa mixes

Coffee mix - One part instant coffee, two parts sugar, two parts coffee mate
To serve the flavoured coffee, add one tablespoon per cup of water to taste
Hot chocolate mix - One part cocoa one part sugar
To serve the hot cocoa add one tablespoon of mix to one cup of hot milk

Try to make one cup of mix AFTER the additives are included. An easy way to do this is to make a lot of the mix, put the additive in a measuring cup and then top it off with the mix until one cup is reached. Mix well, I suggest using a large measuring cup (like 4 cups) but only measuring up to one cup so you have room to stir. This can make a huge mess.

French vanilla = Coffee mix + a packet of instant vanilla pudding (I find that this one tastes best with two tablespoons of mix per cup of water)
Holiday spice = Coffee mix + 2 tablespoons all spice mix
Caramel = substitute the white sugar with brown sugar in the coffee mix
Almond = Coffee mix + one teaspoon almond extract (This comes out like an amaretto if 1/4 cup cocoa is added to the mix)
Mocha = This one is a little different. One part instant coffee, two parts sugar, two parts coffee mate and one part cocoa.

Peppermint Cocoa = Hot chocolate mix + one teaspoon peppermint or mint extract
Chocolate cherry cocoa = Hot chocolate mix + one packet of cherry Kool-aid

I then made labels that included serving directions with my basic home printer and some label paper then jarred the mixes in recycled baby food jars but you could package it however you like or keep it for yourself.

Try other flavours, this mix is very versatile and measurements also do not have to be exact. When making something new it is fun to make just a one cup or even half cup batch and taste test some too.
Try different spices, pudding mixes or extracts.

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