Friday, February 27, 2009

Get the most out of Goozex

In case I didn't make it clear yesterday, I love Goozex! We are a huge gaming family and video games cost so much money. Those that game know that the system is a cash hog, then $40-$80 per game just adds up. 
Gamers also know that EB or other retail stores that offer trade in give very little back, but there is another option.
I already explained yesterday so I won't type it out again but I thought I would walk people through their first free game with Goozex. Because free games rock.

First off you need to sign up. That's right SIGN UP! you can't get a free video game without signing up. There is no cost, they don't take your credit card info. You do have to give them your address but you will not be billed for anything. Also, while signing up you want to chose that you want your trading region to include Canada and USA (Bermuda too if you like, but I don't think there are many users from there) this will give you access to more users, will make your game come sooner and you will have access to more games too.
After you are signed up and logged in, you will see a page that looks like the image below. (Minus my scribbles)
Like the image says, pick the platform for the game you would like to receive and then click 'available'
This will bring up a page that shows all games that are currently ready for trading. Once on this second page pick how the games are sorted. In this case you want to sort it by points'

This will put all games that are worth 100 points on the first page. Remember, you get 100 points to start with and now you can see all the games you can afford. 
Now go crazy. pick any game you are interested in. It's a free game, just get something you would like to try. If you don't like it you can always trade it back and get your points back or give it to a friend to try or whatever so don't be too picky. You won't be able to get the freshest newest game for 100 points anyways so just pick something that looks fun to you. (you can earn more points and save up for a newer game, I get more into that in a bit) To chose a game click the white 'want it' button under the image of the box. This will pop up a window that gives you more options like if you want to get the game with or without the box (without the box usually comes faster but boxes are nice) or if you want to put it on hold right now (You don't want to put it on hold at this time) and click done when you are done with that window (I usually just click 'want it' then click done) and then do it again for another game, and another game.
If you decide to continue to use this service, you can remove the games you don't really care much for. I suggest you keep using this service but please at least get your free game. I would give everyone in the country a free game if I could. Free stuff rocks so hard!
Anyways, after you pick your games just wait for something to come in the mail. That's it. If you like you can set your email settings in you 'account' page. I would suggest that if you never want to hear from them again, but if you plan on using this service you will need to get some emails like when someone requests a game that you have.

Like I mentioned before, you will not be able to get the hottest game but remember 
PS3 can play PS and PS2 games
PS2 can play PS games
Nintendo DS can play GBA (or SP) games
Wii can play Gamecube games
Xbox 360 plays many xbox games (Check which games on their backwards compatibility website)

Don't know what games to get? Like Halo3? try Halo 2 for xbox. Like paper Mario? Try older versions of this game on gamecube. 
Lots of good older games out there, don't pass them up because they are older. Also it's free, don't be so picky. If you don't like it, trade it back to the system and get your points back and get another game for the cost of one trade credit (or one dollar) or give it away to a friend or whatever you like.

Now a little something for those that chose to keep using the system. Here is how to get free trade credits (so you don't have to pay the dollar) and more free games for you. 
On the goozex website there will be a referral code. Share this code with your friends. When you are at their house talk to them about getting free video games and sign them up using your referral code. Not the one you used to sign up because that is mine and I will get the perk for it (I would like to get the bonus but this is about helping you now). Go through the available games together and pick something together. When they get their free game and they give positive feedback (after using YOUR referral) you get another 100 free points and 1 free trade credit.
If you know only 5 people, get them a free game each and that's 500 points and 5 trade credits. this is without even sending a single game of your own or a penny out of your pocket. If you can sign up and get games to 10 people that's the worth of a new release game on goozex. This is a little work, but people like to get free games and it is really easy to convince people to sign up, especially if you do it for them or with them (ask permission before doing it for someone). Trade back any games when you are done with them to get more points and use the free trade credits you got from signing up your friends to get more free games. The cycle never ends and you can keep getting free games forever.
Please use this website if you are a gamer. you will save a lot of money and your friends will like to save money on games too.
Sending the games you are done with to Goozex is the best way to earn points, but this way you can do it without sending games if you like.
Shipping in a bubble envelope is aprox. $1.96 and you only pay if you decide to send your games out. 

I think I made it sound more complicated than it is. This website is so easy to use you will love it.

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