Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make your own: cute storage box

These cute storage boxes may not be the most durable but are very inexpensive, made with repurposed materials and are very cheery.

You will need:

-A cardboard box. Whatever size you like
-Liner for cupboards. I bought mine from the dollar store but are also sold at hardware stores. There are a lot of patterns to choose from. I even have a pattern that looks like a woven basket.

Cut the flaps off the top of the box and discard these, Then cut the shelf liner so that it will wrap around the box with some overhang on the top and bottom (see image)
If you want so line the inside with the pattern as well leave more overhang on the top.
Since mine is going on a top shelf I did not leave much overhang on the top and bottom because no one will see the inside or the bottom and this saves some liner for another use.

Peel off the backing from the liner and stick to the outsides of the box. I had to do mine in 2
 pieces but just lined up the pattern so you can't tell. You will have some of the liner h
anging off the top and the bottom when you are done sticking it to the sides. 
Be careful to stick the liner to the box tightly so to prevent air bubbles and wrinkles.
Cut a little slit on each of the corners and then fold the cupboard liner over the cardboard box bottom and over the top into the box. 
once the whole box outside (and as much of the bottom and inside as you like) are covered you are done!

Use your box wherever you like, and it doesn't look like you are just using cardboard boxes as storage

UPDATE March 30th 2009: I made another one 
This time with a smaller box. This one lives on top of my fridge. Looks cute to me!
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Edit April 1st 2009 - I have made even more of these HERE


  1. Perfect to hold all those odds and ends!

  2. Great idea! You could make it match any decor. Nice work!