Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Contest tips part 2

2)Read the newspaper
*I find that contests in the delivered paper are quite rare. I personally do not subscribe to the paper nor do I read it on a regular basis but when I do there are not often contests in it. The kind of paper I am talking about is the local events/news paper. It's hard to describe this kind of news paper. They are usually free papers and usually have a lot of local events and contests in them.
*In Victoria BC this paper is called the Monday magazine.
In Winnipeg MB this paper is called the Uptown Magazine.
Find your local paper / magazine, ask around or google it.

Often times this magazine/paper will have a contest where the only requirement is to email them your information and the contests are often listen on their website.
In Winnipeg's uptown magazine (for example) the home page for their magazine is THIS PAGE. From surfing the site you will find their contests HERE.
The contests will vary from time to time so check back weekly and enter any you are interested in. I win this way a lot

Another website in winnipeg with local contests is Accesswinnipeg

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