Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Win something already! (contest tips part 1)

Here's something I didn't really want to share because the more people playing this game the less of a chance I have of winning. We're talking about contests here! 
Now I understand that some people "professionally" enter contests using auto fill programs on their computer and have all the angles worked out to get the best odds of winning a new washer and drier or a lifetime supply of instant noodles but I am not going to go into that here, mainly because I do not do that myself and do not really have any advice on that topic. The kinds of contests we are going to talk about today are quite small, the prize is something like a CD or DVD and movie, concert or event tickets. Sometimes you can win CASH! 

1) Listen to the radio 
*If you pick the right station you not only listen to the kind of music you like but they also have contests for similar items. You won't win a rock music album listening to a jazz station. Usually the contest will require someone to be the -somethingith- caller and often need you to answer a question or play a game, but not always.
*Set the radio station(s) you listen to's phone number in your speed dial, in your cell phone or house phone, or memorise the phone number. 
*Listen to the requirements for winning. 
*If you only need to call in, no trivia or anything else then call it! You probably won't get in the first time but if you try often you will win eventually. 
I used to win this kind of a contest once a month (the radio station I listened to had a rule where you could only win a maximum of once per month)
* If you need to know the answer of a trivia question and you either know the answer, someone with you knows the answer or you think you have a pretty good guess call in. 
* If it is a game you have to play like answer a few trivia questions in a row CALL IN. Many times these are multiple choice games or have somewhat easy questions. They also often still have smaller prizes if you don't get all the answers right and a large prize for getting it all correct.
*To win radio contests keep calling in. Call in when you think you will win and when you think the odds are stacked up against you. Just call. You will win more often than you think!
* Check out the station's website. Sometimes they have more ways to win or earn points online.

More tomorrow

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