Thursday, March 12, 2009

Freecycle your everything

In an effort to de-clutter my life and my house I found and never thought of the impact if would have.

Freecycle is living proof of that old adage, 'One mans trash is another mans treasure'. You can list items on their website that you no longer need and request items posted if you see something listed you would like. I personally use this website and recommend you do too. The types of items given and taken is so varied

Examples of items I have given away are:
Old door knobs
Cardboard boxes
Old electronics
used baby items

Examples of items I have received are:
A slow cooker/deep fryer
Dvd storage rack
A stroller
Bathroom shelves
Wood for shelving

Here's how it works:
After visiting you need to find your local freecycle group. They are all listed on the website so type in your area to find yours. Freecycle is international with locations, well, internationally. Once you find the one right for your location you need to join it, to do this you need a Yahoo! account. If you have one great, visit that region's Yahoo! page, join and wait for approval. If you don't have one then you can make it HERE. Be sure to include your area in your Yahoo! account information or else you will be denied membership. Freecycle moderators want to be sure everyone using that region's service is in the right area.

Once accepted please read the rules and notices emailed to you or on the Yahoo! page. This is important. The rules are rather specific with details such as how to post items to give away or how to and how often you can request a specific item. 

Using your local Freecycle Yahoo! page, post about items you have available to offer or items you want to request. You can also respond to other people's posts to contact them directly. Many times people get multiple requests for something they posted so if you are selected the owner of the item will contact you to make arrangements for a pick up or delivery time. 

Remember, instead of trashing it, someone else might want it! Freecycle it!

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