Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zellers colouring contest for kids

A fun free thing to do with your little ones is to encourage them to enter contests. Free colouring contests like this one offered by Zellers are great and fun. What kid doesn't like colouring? 
In this particular contest the prize is a giant chocolate bunny and the first 300 entrants at each store get a small bunny for free. This contest can be entered daily so your kids can colour one a day or do a bunch you just drop off daily if you are one of those people that enter contests like it's a job. People really do this so don't laugh.
You need to print off the colouring page and it comes in English and French so you can fill out whatever language you like or if you don't want to use your own ink they have the pages available at the Zellers stores too.
This particular contest is running at all Zellers stores across canada.  

A tip for winning colouring contests from

Hint:  This worked for my daughter  when she was little.  I used to supply extra materials to add texture to her colouring page.

Supply bits of green wool (for the grass), or cotton balls (to make a fuzzy bunny), or glitter for a radiant sun.

Mothers/dads, just supply the material.  Let your little ones create.  This helps their colouring page stand out from the rest.

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