Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make your own : kids clothes out of old fabric (Some adult clothes too)

Do you have old clothes or pillowcases? Maybe a t-shirt you love but grew out of? A yoga mat?
There are a lot of ways to re purpose that old clothes into new clothes or accessories for kids, baby, and even yourself! The skill level varies from beginner to expert and there are even some no-sew options. 
These tutorials are not all made from re purposed clothes, but I have been finding that old pillow cases or old clothes are small enough to make into kids clothes. Also sheets are great places to get cheap fabric, they can be bought second hand or even new for under $5 or you may have some sheets you are never using that can be cut up too. Dollar stores, giant tiger and thrift stores all have cheap clothes, towels and fabrics that can be used too. 

Beginner - No sewing machine
Arm warmers (It says sewing machine but can be hand stitched or not stitched at all - made from socks)
Fingerless gloves (Made from socks, no sew, no glue)
Flip flops made from a yoga mat (Materials include a glue gun, I am not sure if other glue works)

Novice - Sewing machine recomended but very simple instructions
T-shirt into baby romper (Uses Velcro closure)
15 minute dress (Uses bandannas and ribbon)
Bandanna skirt (I think this would be a little short but you could use any fabric)
Twirly skirt (So easy you could make a million of these)
Scoodie (Scarf/hoodie made from an old hoodie - Video) 
Pillowcase dress (very similar to above, but with a sewn edge - video)
Baby dress / Tunic (Similar to the pillowcase dress)
Wrapper bib (Made from old food wrappers. Cool!)
Sweater wrap (Featured on the Rachael Ray show. Tute starts about half way through the video, after the Q&A)
Doily racer back (A t-shirt with doilies on it. Very cool!)
Kids skirts from dish towels (Are you too frugal when you are dressing your kids in rags and towels? These look so cute!)
Kids apron from a place mat (Use an old one on hand or they have cute place mats at dollarama!) 

Advanced - It's advanced... For those with experience sewing with a machine and terminology
Button shirt to toddler dress (Detailed tutorial)
t-shirt dress (Another very detailed tutorial)
Skirt from bed sheet (Adult size skirt)
Dress from an old work shirt (I have to make this one for myself!)
Dress from a sweatshirt (another adult size)
Corset out of dollar store materials (Has to be seen to be believed)
Dress from shower poofs (Really.... yes)
Boxers from an old pillow case (When you need to cover your butt instead of your pillow)


  1. I love this! What a fantastic collection of resources.

    I keep thinking I'll try pillowcase dresses, but then I find another darling dress at the thrift store and get lazy...

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  3. Love these ideas! So many varieties of things to do! Thanks!!!:)

  4. I Just learned how to sew after wanting to for 21yrs, it took me that long to find the hole in the needle lol!. My mother her six sisters all know how to sew, it took me to find out that i was having a 1st grandchild to really get the motivation. Well thats how i started with just my old clothes i did'nt want anymore, i have made so much for my unborn granddaughter within a month using anything from my old satin sheets to tide dye towels that i did't have use for. I call them free scraps and i have found that using old clothes you can make more than one piece. I love my new talent i sew day and night and everything is made by hand because i don't have a sewing machine yet, but i still love to see my work when um done.

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